LEX Thomas is now a Christian

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5 min MTV of Baby Lex's Baptism

                                      This is how my name will reflect on the official ballot

April 18, 2013

We are now on our 3rd week of the official local campaign period. We have 3 weeks left before the day of the elections. I am blessed by the continuous and becoming stronger and stronger, warm, solid and unwavering support of the Ilonggos for my candidacy (re-election). I feel blessed, honored and grateful. Some say we are already a sure win and possibly still the top or number 1 choice as heard and seen over the results of scientific surveys. Consistent as it may seem, let us not be too overconfident. Let us still run scared. Let us make sure of our victory. Let us ask help and support from each Ilonggo so that we can serve our beloved city with excellence, commitment, dedication and honor. Kilanglan ko ang bulig sang kada isa sang mga Ilonggo labi na sa Syudad sang Iloilo. Updi ninyo ako liwat, Iloilo City Councilor LEX Tupas, UGYON kita sa gihapon. UGYON kita sa kadalag-an.

Let us continue to work together

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April 9, 2013

We are now on our 2nd week of the official local campaign. We only have four weeks left until the day of the Elections, May 13, 2013. I thank the people of Iloilo City for their continuous strong, warm, unwavering and solid support. I appreciate and value each and every Ilonggo's support. I was also informed by my family, friends and supporters that they heard over Bombo Radyo the release of the latest RACI Scientific and Reliable Survey that we are still the consistent and top choice of the Ilonggos for Iloilo City Councilor. I am humbled, thankful and blessed. I owe this to the people of Iloilo City and to God. I am more inspired to serve with full commitment, total dedication and excellence. Let us not be overconfident. Let us still run scared. I need the support of every Ilonggo especially in the City of Iloilo. Join me, Iloilo City Councilor LEX Tupas, as we work to continue to render excellent public service. UGYON kita sa gihapon. UGYON kita sa kadalag-an.
March 24, 2013

Six days from now, the official campaign season for local candidates will start after the holy week. As we strengthen and deepen our relationship with the Lord, especially at this season of meditation, reflection and contemplation, let us also pray to be guided to choose the best people to be our next national and local leaders. Let us look at qualification, performance, ability and commitment to serve, love and compassion, sincerity, personality, among others.

I believe in making sure that we are ready and prepared to serve Iloilo City with excellence. After graduating AB Economics from Ateneo De Manila in 2001 (Dean's Lister, 2nd honors with Mcphelin Award for Academic Excellence), I pursued post graduate studies and got my Basic Management Program from the Asian Institute of Management in 2003 (Awarded Best Integration Project), Masters in Public Management major in Local Government Administration from the University of the Philippines OU Diliman Campus in 2006 at age 26 and my Doctor of Management with concentration in Public Management from the Central Philippine University in 2009 at age 29. Moreover, I always attend local and international seminars and training programs to continuously improve myself and learn more skills. We have also organized, led and implemented 18 annual special programs and projects for the benefit of various sectors like, the Dinagyang Danceshowdown, the bloodletting project, LEX ACP, LEX Program, Pabunyag sa Syudad ni LEX Tupas, Kasadyahan Pangkabataan, Ethics & Public Accountability Seminar, Scholarships, etc. We have also authored and passed 16 major and some landmark ordinances like the Anti-Internet Pornography Ordinance, CCTV Ordinance, Children's Welfare Code of Iloilo City, the lowering of Amusement taxes on concerts, etc. and 41 resolutions focusing on the poor, women, elderly, children, tourism, information technology, and trade and industry. As such, I am honored, blessed and thankful to have been awarded twice, the Dangal ng Bayan Award for City Legislative and Service Excellence and to have the highest performance approval rating by the City residents as seen in the results of the RACI Survey on such. We are also glad to be the consistent top choice of the Ilonggos based on reliable and scientific surveys. These are results of our cooperation, collaboration and partnership. Without the support and trust of the Ilonggos of Iloilo City all of these wouldn't have been possible. I owe my post and what we have achieved to them.

Sa atun nga pagUGYON, madamu na ang atun nabuligan. Sa atun ng pagUGYON, madamu na ang atun naubrahan. Sa atun nga pagUGYON, madamu na nga mga handum para sa Syudad ang atun natuman..pero damu pa ta handum para sa Syudad, damu pa ta bululigan, damu pa ta UGYONAN..Amu na gapangayu gid ako sang padayun ninyo nga mabaskog, solido, todo todo kag bira bira nga suporta para kay LEX Tupas. Indi ko ni masarangan kung wala kamu. Kilanglan ko ang bulig sang kada Ilonggo sa Syudad. Updi ninyo ako sa padayun nga pagpabaskog sang pamilyang Ilonggo kag Syudad sang Iloilo. UGYON ta sa kadalag-an. Pumuluyo sang Syudad sang Iloilo, Kamu ang number 1 sa gihapon para kay LEX Tupas.

Bangud sa pumuluyo sang syudad, naging number 1 City Councilor si LEX Tupas sang 2010 asta subong.
Bangud sa inyo, asta subong gapanguna si LEX Tupas nga ginapili maging konsehal sa gihapon
Sa balota kay alphabetical order, ika27 TUPAS, LEX

Alexa graduates from play school

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March 20, 2013

My first born moves up to the next level of education. I'm so proud of my daughter. She enjoys going to school and playing with her classmates and schoolmates. I now appreciate my parents more and my grandparents. Our children are really our biggest blessings and gifts from God.

Tingog para sa mabaskog nga pamilyang Ilonggo

Tingog para sa mabaskog nga pamilyang Ilonggo
With my wife, Dr. Candice Tupas and our daughter Alexa

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